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I'm an excited and ambitious Javascript Developer by day; a robot lover, ReactJs evangelist, and dance off winner by night. In my free time, I teach CSS/HTML/JS to underprivileged youth and own the ReactJS bay area meetup, independently finding sponsors, locations and speakers for a once a month meetup that I MC. I love JS and all things related. I hope to make the web world a better place, one site at a time by teaching what I know, learning what I don't, and finding solutions where there are none. I believe in giving back to the community in any way possible and having fun while doing it.

More importantly, I love to laugh. If we all have a smile on our faces while we code, I promise there will be less technical debt.

My Professional Background

Work Experience

2014 November - Present


Senior Front End Engineer

Job Description

It's a secret. But it's pretty cool.

2012 September - 2014 October


Senior Software Engineer

Job Description

Getting Out
Creating web, mobile, tablet & kiosk applications used thousands of inmates to better facilitate inmate communication and facility staff supervision of inmates using ReactJs, AngularJs and all the other awesome web dev things.
Pixel perfect implementation queen, working hand in hand with designers, helping their visions become functional.
Directly impacting increases in conversions and revenue upwards of 25% via design implementation and good CSS & HTML practices.
Lead and mentor developers when necessary in JS, CSS and HTML.
Hardcore Google Analytics and resulting app changes based on findings.
Participate in teaching kids from Boys and Girls club programing and general technology strategies.
Organized first company meetup, many team building events, completely managed office move and construction project and continuing company "Brown bag Fridays."

2010 January - 2012 August

Switchfly (EzRez)

Senior Web Developer

Job Description

Start with POJS and finish with AngularJS implementations as well as basic Java HTML templating.
Implemented & branded some of the largest airlines and financial institutions in the world used daily by millions of customers & working directly with clients.
Served as lead engineer on many projects, executing designs, estimates, managing client expectations and keeping team on track, never once finishing a single project past its deadline.
Received peer recognition award for exceeding expectations.
Functioned as company social chair, organizing social events and ordering schwag.

2007 September - 2010 January

Garmin International

Software Engineer - Web Services

Job Description

Garmin Connect
POJS, ext, Jquery, Prototype, POCSS work on Garmin Connect Application, a web site allowing customers to organize, view and share the activities recorded from their exercise and outdoor devices.
Localization manager for the entirety of time at Garmin, coming up with complete strategy from back to front end to handle localized text, including custom Facelets taghandlers submitted to Facelets library.
Project or front end lead on many products and otherwise provided valuable front end expertise and guidence for those with less experience.

What I’m best at

Things I Like

Knowledge & Skills

  • Plain old Javascript
  • ReactJs
  • AngularJs
  • BackboneJs
  • Pretty much anything JS
  • Googling things
  • NPM/Node/Gulp/Bower/Yeoman
  • Pixel perfect implementation
  • Semantic Dom & OOCSS
  • Natural leader
  • UX design & layout
  • Enough Photoshop to get by
  • Organizing & event planning
  • Teaching & knowledge share
  • Still Googling things
  • Agile methodologies
  • Git/Github/Gitlab
  • Java, RoR, all languages are the same
  • Not Databases

Hobbies & Interests

  • Cooking!


    I love to cook but I can barely eat, so I cook for others all the time, handing out leftovers like an old Italian grandmother.

  • Art!


    I appreciate, I spectate, I paint, I collect, I admire, I desire, I envy, I pretend I understand.

  • Movies & TV!

    Movies & TV!

    Scorsese, Wes Anderson, anything SciFi, anything with robots, anything that will make me afraid then amused at my fear, Archer, Futurama, Battlestar Galactica, Investigation Discovery so I can correct grammar.

  • Fashion!


    I've recently lost a whole human worth of weight, and so now I love clothes. I'm rarely seen wearing the same thing twice and I love reading fashion blogs and seeing the interesting, beautiful side of the fashion industry

  • Technology!


    Gadget collector and Gizmodo enthusiast. FTR, I drank both the Apple and Google koolaids, they're both delicious and I won't give either up.

  • Travel!


    My passport's always ready for a new stamp. In fact, it taunts me when I don't take it out. I want to hug a sea turtle. I will leave on a whim, granted I have the vacation time saved up.

  • Games!


    Not the kind you play with a remote control, but the kind that you play on a table. My cat, Wifi, eats my puzzle pieces, so maybe I can do one at your house.

  • Music!


    I rarely wear headphones because I find it difficult not to sing and dance while listening to music, usually without even noticing I'm doing it. My record collection is better than yours.

  • Writing!


    I write what I feel and what I know, to a self deprecating degree. 100% honest and often more embarassing for the reader than for me. Not always public.


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