React Back!


  1. Give me all your tech clothing schwag
  2. Come to the meetup
  3. Donate an auction item if you have one to share
  4. Give money

Recently our little meetup exceeded *one thousand* members. This accomplishment inspired me to want to not only show my gratitude to you, the greater ReactJs community and also celebrate how quickly and easily React has been adopted by the industry at large. So, I was like, lets throw a swank ass party and started organizing and thinking as such. The thing about swank ass parties is that we're software engineers and they are quite prevalent. We're always getting free stuff for essentially just having a combined interest in the web and technology. We get free shirts and free booze and free food and free djs and we have a lot of fun on the dime of our industry. This is awesome, but it's really not all that philanthropic...

Whilst considering celebratory options I was standing against a fence in the mission waiting for a giant bus to pick me up and drive the me 50 miles to work, I noticed a thing. I noticed homeless and lesser priviledged wearing the tech schwag of yester year. Old logos, old company names, startups long ago gone bust. I thought about the piles of shirts and clothing that I personally never wear but keep stocked in my closet. I thought about the reputation that we have as software engineers taking most of the blame for all San Francisco gentrification and displacement of the less fortunate. I thought about doing something about all those things...

So we're having a damn party, but not the kind you're used to. April's React meetup will be less about learning and more about contributing. We all know the importance of pull requests and issues from a Github perspective, but frankly, as a community we are lacking in contributing back to society. So I'm giving you the opportunity to give back to this amazing city in a very easy and concise fashion by bringing your *gently worn* or *not at all ever worn* tech clothing to our event on 4/23. I'll ask you to participate in our auctions and donate what you can to the homeless community of San Francisco, a city that has provided us with our fantastic jobs and community that is ever growing.

Tilt is giving us an amazing space and a kick ass silent disco as well as a badass platform for donations (more tba in the coming days.) The event will benefit Glide an awesome organization in the Bay Area benefiting those financially marginalized & displaced. We'll have a couple of Glide volunteers present at the event to answer any questions you may have about how their charity works. Glide will be partnering with St. Anthony's for clothing donations and distributing cash donations as appropriate.

My huge request from you is to help me out with this:

If you work for a big company or a small company that might do any level of financial matching, hook me up with someone to make that happen!
If you work for a company that has some back closet full of old logo tshirts or sizes of jackets and hats and shirts and whatever that no one wanted, convince your boss that those should be donated and give them to me!
If you have a radical talent, please tell me about it and donate your time for our silent auction. We already have commitments from awesome people to give hands on pair programming sessions on core ReactJs features that you probably need help on, we have portrait photography sessions, we have baking your favorite cookies, we have event coordination and I want MORE!!! So if you have anything at all, even just a warm body to help get some CSS done, please donate your time and ping me so that we can get these items up for auction.

Finally, please stay tuned for more announcements and more auction items as they become available. Thanks for even reading this to completion and I really hope to see you at Tilt on 4/23


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